Horse Colors

Horses come in many different colors. Some are black, others are white and some are brown.

So how do you tell what color a horse is?

The key to determining the color of a horse is to look at its points. The points are literally points, its nose, ears, tail and feet.

Some of the more obscure and interesting colors to know are:

Appaloosa: This is brown spots on a white coat.

Blue roan: This is black points and a smattering of white through a primarily black or dark brown coat.

Chestnut: This is brown points with a yellowish brown coat.

Dun: This is a golden brown coat with black points.

Pinto: This is a horse with big patches of black and white colors.

Of course I should mention that horses come in other colors like black, white, brown and grey, but you probably already know about those colors. So I won’t get into them.

So now that you know the colors of a horse, let’s talk a little more about horses, which are some of the coolest animals in the world. Horses are very big and very strong. Before the invention of the steam engine and the internal combustion engine, they were our primary source of mechanical energy. That is why we still measure units of mechanical energy in horsepower, which is the amount of power that one strong horse can generate in a given amount of time.

In the olden days, horses were used to pull carriages and wagons, plow fields and also used to transport people quickly. They were a big part of the famous Pony Express, which was a part of our postal system bad then. They transported mail across the country at an astonishing pace before the development of the railroads.

Horses were specifically bred to be able to do a lot of work and require the least amount of care to perform that work. But these days after the invention of the engine, we no longer need horses to do work that can be done with cars, trucks and tractors. So instead we have started breeding horses for racing.

They can be raced in chariot races like in the movie Ben Hur or they can be raced by jockeys like in the Belmont Stakes or even the granddaddy of all horse races, the Kentuckey Derby.
So horses are some of the coolest animals around. So I encourage you to visit your local stable today and get to know more about these amazing animals. You will be happy that you did.

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